History of Johnson Machine Company

Johnson Machine Company was founded in 1930 to serve the coal, clay and timber industries thriving in central Pennsylvania. Early on, the firm gained a reputation for its expertise in manufacturing molds and dies for the many refractory plants in the region. For decades, this was the primary focus of the company, providing die design, manufacturing and repair for thousands of refractory shapes and sizes. As the steel industry wained, Johnson Machine Company diversified to survive the ups and downs, but to this day remains a key supplier to the brick industry. The growth of the paving brick business in recent years has rekindled the demand for press tooling. The experienced staff and machinists at Johnson Machine Company continue after over 75 years, to provide quality die components for brick presses.

In addition, Johnson Machine Company has been servicing the machining needs of many local industries. We can manufacture replacement parts and aid in the redesign of existing machinery. Our neighbors have come to rely on us to keep them "up and running".

With our large capacity surface grinders, we can make quick work of resurfacing large cylinder heads and flywheels.

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